Four Industries With Piezoelectric Photo Machine

- Nov 14, 2018-

With the constant development and maturity of piezoelectric photo machine technology, piezoelectric photo machine has become the mainstream printing equipment for large-format printing output. With its high performance and high efficiency, it has been widely used in different industries, and has been widely used in the following industries.    

1. Traditional interior and exterior advertisement painting industry

Family the advertising industry is developing very fast in recent years, the prosperity of commercial economy, product advertising, brand building, all of these are in the advertising industry's most popular form of advertising display, advertising industry is mainly used for propaganda, and advertising methods are varied, such as common bus station, large supermarket shopping malls advertising products, outdoor overhead billboard and so on, these are the application of outdoor photo print ads. Piezoelectric photo machine is also the most mainstream printing and spraying equipment nowadays, which can achieve higher printing precision and speed, particularly strong color expression, delicate image and high definition, and the printing effect is very lifelike. Moreover, the printing and output operation of photo printer is simple, which can realize the printing and output of large-format image and picture. The production time is short and the cost of investment is small. Therefore, this is a tool that cannot be replaced by other printing and printing brush equipment.    

2. Graphic and text processing

Sign the application of the processing industry for graphic processing industry for graphic clarity demand is relatively high, and the piezoelectric pictorial machine on the printing precision is absolutely worth trust, through the piezoelectric pictorial machine printing graphic not only clear, and printing speed, so graphic processing industry is also a great application of outdoor photo machine. For the sign processing industry, we print like the deepest is wide and clear, and life need a lot of places in sign, because the sign can response the image of an enterprise not only, also can reflect the image of a region, natural need beautiful picture, clear text, and outdoor piezoelectric pictorial machine can meet these requirements.    

3. Application of oil painting and cloth textile traditional manufacturing industry

Piezoelectric photo machine can achieve better reduction of image and color, and there are many suitable printing media materials, so many users apply the photo machine to the quick imitation of oil painting, low cost and high value; In the textile manufacturing industry, personalized pattern printing can be realized, and more or less personalized customized printing can be realized, such as the printing of personalized leather pattern on mobile phone leather cases, tablet computer leather cases, and the printing of leather pattern on the appearance of leather bags and suitcases. The printing of oil painting by pictorial machine can realize the reproduction of oil painting. Many oil painting artists, after they have created oil painting well through painting, can copy calligraphy and painting through the scanning of hd xray pictures and relevant graphic image processing, and then print and output through pictorial machine. Because similarity is extremely high, collect value also to exist, mostly 1 square metre exceeds 1000 yuan, can do copy, look at or decorate with.    

4. The application of home decoration industry

Photo machine inkjet printing can realize personalized home decoration wallpaper pattern printing, single transparent material in the home office environment decoration and application, printing personalized pattern soft membrane smallpox and so on. Wallpaper is important building adornment material, with economic development and people housing level rise, the demand to wallpaper increases greatly. At present, the annual output of wall paper reaches 130 million square meters, which is already a large country in production. However, the utilization rate of wallpaper in developed countries is close to 50%, while that in China is only 1%. It can be seen that there is still great room for development of wallpaper market in China. With the continuous progress of inkjet printing technology, plus the domestic photo machine with the value of price ratio more popular by users, make it get faster development. In addition to the above major industries, different types of printing equipment are beginning to be applied in other industries. I believe that the market of piezoelectric printing equipment will become more and more extensive in the future.