Five Tips To Maintain The Piezoelectric Photo Machine Every Day

- Apr 11, 2019-

If you are a piezoelectric photo machine user, please refer to the following matters for the maintenance of the machine:

1. After using the photo machine every day, please put special cleaning liquid into the cap of the ink stack before shutdown, do a cleaning, and then print a test strip to check to ensure the normal state of the nozzle, and then put the car in the ink stack, put the nozzle in a low position, and shut down normally.

2. It is recommended to print the nozzle test strip every day to check whether the nozzle is blocked. If so, please perform cleaning operation to ensure that the nozzle is in good condition. 3. If you stop using the machine for more than 3 days, please clamp the two ink pipes under the ink stack cap with a clamp, and drip some cleaning liquid into the ink stack cap, so as to ensure that the nozzle surface is wet and dry, and protect the nozzle more effectively.

4. Keep the surface of the machine clean, timely clean up the scraps of paper and ink on the printing platform of the photo machine, and clean up the ink in the waste ink bottle of the photo machine every once in a while.

5, the main body of the photo machine to pay attention to the protection of the housing, do not open the shell idle, to avoid the exposure of the machine related circuit board and ink supply circuit, one is the use of security issues, the other is to prevent dust and rodent damage caused by the machine into the host body.