Five Main Reasons For Nozzle Clogging Of Photo Machine

- Jul 07, 2020-

For photo machine users, nozzle clogging is a very common situation. Once the nozzle is blocked, the work of the camera can not be carried out, which has repeatedly stressed the need for routine maintenance. So what are the causes of nozzle clogging?

1. The appropriate voltage is very important for the influence of nozzle voltage on the nozzle. Too low voltage will affect the painting effect, and too high voltage will lead to plug.

2. The rapid change of temperature and humidity will also damage the nozzle and ink.

3. The influence of working habits on the nozzle. For example, there should be no dirt and hard objects on the mouth of the ink extractor to avoid scratching the nozzle when cleaning.

4. The influence of static electricity on the head of photo machine is one of the reasons why the photo machine requires grounding wire.

5. The quality of the ink is not up to standard, resulting in the blockage of the nozzle. High viscosity of the ink will cause the ink to stick in the ink pipe, resulting in insufficient ink supply and insufficient ink jet, especially in winter. If the viscosity of the ink is too low and the ink is too thin, the ink jet speed will be fast. If the ink is sprayed on the cloth, it will reflect back to the nozzle, causing the ink to accumulate on the nozzle and cause the nozzle to be blocked.