Exhibition Promotion Assistant - Elabo

- Dec 09, 2019-

Easy to follow, easy to disassemble, and occupy a small area in the exhibition. Let's introduce this easy to pull.

In general, there is a drum at the bottom of elabo, with a spring in it. When not in use, the advertising picture will be rolled back into the drum. When you need to use it, pull out the cloth surface and support it with a piece of metal at the back. The bottom of elabo is 80cm wide, and it can hold 200cm long advertising paper.

Using elabo for publicity also represents the image of the enterprise, so when using elabo, we should pay attention to the selection of advertising paper and printing paper technology. After all, in some cases, elabo is temporarily needed, so we should consider how to use advertising paper in combination with the use time and purpose. The picture printed by the photo machine can last for a long time and the effect is good. On the other hand, elabo is a promotional material for indoor use, which is not suitable for outdoor use. For example, if it is necessary to set up outdoor for temporary publicity, it is better to choose a better quality elabo base, and it is better to press some heavy objects behind the elabo base after opening the elabo to ensure that the product will not be damaged.

The following are the installation steps of elabo:

1. Take out the elabo and take out the main strut in public;

2. Open the two supports at the low end of elabo to make it dedicated to the ground;

3. Install the main strut and the bottom support;

4. Open the picture to make it well connected with the main strut;

5. Adjust the picture to make it flat and beautiful.