Environmental Protection Attaches Importance To The Photo Machine Outdoor Advertising Spray Painting

- Aug 01, 2019-

With the continuous and rapid development of China's economy, the importance of environmental protection is becoming more and more high. What kind of opportunities and development opportunities will be welcomed for outdoor advertising printing of photo machine under the importance of environmental protection?    

"Economic development and more beautiful homeland", shows the current state to pay more and more attention to the environmental protection, in the past traditional outdoor spray print with today's high precision piezoelectric pictorial machine penhui pictorials upgrading, especially in high accuracy stability good piezoelectric pictorial machine and related the development of intelligent UV spraying equipment, outdoor spray painting to face a new round of development opportunities to be meet the environmental requirements of spraying printing equipment to be in an impregnable position in the market.    

The traditional outdoor advertising printing equipment using solvent ink, ink excitant, pollution is serious, these are not in line with the green environmental protection as the theme of today's outdoor advertising prints, so the traditional spray printing devices will gradually be eliminated, substitute for printing devices will be piezoelectric pictorial machine, especially the piezoelectric pictorial machine of domestic brands, is very competitive penhui printing equipment products.  

For example, piezoelectric photogravure machine mostly USES water-based ink and weak solvent ink, these two inks are environmentally friendly ink, with high safety, low volatility, no pollution and other advantages; And domestic brands of pictorial machine not only has developed rapidly in recent years, the technology is more comparable to imported brands photo machine, and the price is more on the domestic one of the advantages of pictorial machine, can say Chinese pictorial machine has a perfect performance, such as shenzhen mutoh pictorial machine manufacturers, committed to the high stability of piezoelectric pictorial machine manufacturing, positive response to the green environmental protection of outdoor advertising print to print.    

In addition, according to the network data: outdoor advertising market share is growing, at the same time, the outdoor advertising is also the only sustained growth in nearly a decade of traditional media, outdoor advertising revenue growth at high speed, also in the future which contain the opportunity is very big, pictorial machine under the environmental value of outdoor advertising prints will also usher in a better development opportunity, with the development of China's urbanization and the expansion of cities, the value of outdoor advertising will be more and more big, plus theme under the guidance of the development of environmental protection, the wide application of environmentally friendly ink, piezoelectric pictorial machine quickly occupied the mainstream position in the field of outdoor advertising.