DPI Is An Indicator Of The Strength Of Photo Machines

- Oct 29, 2018-

At present, with the increasingly prosperous development of digital printing, the key point of micro piezoelectric printing technology is the printing precision (DPI) of piezoelectric photo machine, which is always emphasized by foreign enterprises. It also leads to the general idea that the accuracy of imported models is higher than that of domestic models (DPI). Many well-known printing equipment manufacturers in China also regard the printing accuracy of photo machines as a selling point of strength.    

DPI refers to the number of points that can be printed per inch, which is an important standard to measure the printing accuracy and quality, and also a most basic index to judge the printer resolution.

700DPI was calculated in the previous inkjet machine era. Now it has stepped into the era of micro-piezoelectric photo machines, and the printing precision value of piezoelectric photo machines is getting larger and larger (1440dpi).    

As for the selection of photographic equipment, users have very high requirements for the color quality and performance of inkjet printing, because the quality of image color can better reflect the overall effect of the wide-spread painting picture. In this also hoped that domestic photo machine manufacturers to make joint efforts, development, let the domestic piezoelectric photo machine out of the encirclement, although now the ordinary domestic machine is relying on low prices in the market share; Before long, I believe that Chinese photo equipment will dominate the Chinese market and cover the global market as well as inkjet equipment.