Don't Do These Operations On Uv Plate Printer Head

- Jan 07, 2019-

Uv plate printer nozzle if the correct use and maintenance, can be used for a long time, but because of all the incorrect means of operation, greatly reduce the nozzle service life. After long-term arrangement, we summarized 10 behaviors that may harm the sprinkler head and reminded customers to pay attention to daily maintenance.  

1. Install and remove the circuit of UV plate printer without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power supply. This behavior can damage the service life of various systems and harm the sprinkler head.  

2, free to add different batches of ink, or use the quality of the ink or cleaning fluid. Two different configurations of the ink mix will change the ink color and quality, quality of the ink will affect the painting effect and blocking nozzle, quality of the cleaning fluid may be corrosive nozzle. 3, the nozzle for the high-pressure air gun cleaning. If the nozzle is slightly blocked, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to wash the dust out, and then carry out detailed cleaning, do not use this formula.

4. Soak the whole nozzle in the cleaning solution. Cleaning solution has a certain corrosive, so generally only take the right amount into the nozzle for cleaning. 5. Leave the cleaning solution in the nozzle for more than 2 days and 2 nights. Long soak of cleaning solution can remove stains more effectively, but if the time is longer than 48 hours, it will affect the nozzle orifice.  

6. Clean the nozzle with self-provided products without quality inspection. The sprinkler head is very easy to be contaminated and worn, so please use the manufacturer's designated products and quality inspection products to clean the sprinkler head.  

7. Non-standard adjustment of nozzle position with external force. Do not use brute force when changing or fine-tuning the sprinkler head. Please treat the sprinkler head carefully according to the specifications.  

8. Do not protect the circuit board and other internal systems when cleaning. Please turn off the power when cleaning, and be careful not to let water touch the circuit board and other internal systems.  

9. Use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the nozzle for a long time. In fact, if usually pay attention to the nozzle maintenance, there is no need for ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasound can adversely affect the nozzle. However, if the blockage is severe and ultrasonic cleaning is required, the maximum cleaning time is 3 minutes. If there is no sense of cleaning for the first time, please wait for the nozzle to cool down to normal state before the second cleaning.  

10, do not pay attention to the safety of ground wire equipment. Uv flat panel printing is greatly affected by static electricity, so it must be often connected to the ground wire equipment, regular ground wire around the sprinkle a little salt water.