The wide application of outdoor photo machine is the best choice for users

- Mar 09, 2020-

Outdoor photo machine can be said to be a dual-purpose model, that is, it can be used in a wide range of different environments at home and abroad, and can be used in a wide range of ink-jet paper media materials, so it is also the best choice for many users.    

Why do users choose more outdoor than indoor? The reasons are as follows: according to the different applications, there are two main types of photo machine: outdoor photo machine and indoor photo machine.

The outdoor photo machine has good weather resistance, durable raw materials, ink safety standards and other high-quality features. However, the indoor photo machine products have poor weather resistance, strong light exposure and easy to fade when encountering water. Therefore, when users choose the outdoor photo machine, the outdoor oil ink photo machine is mostly chosen.    

In addition, outdoor photo functions are widely used. Typical applications, such as daily advertising spray painting industry, indoor and outdoor advertising display, light box, shop signs, etc., are various. At the same time, the accuracy of outdoor portrait can reach the photo level, which is equal to the high-precision spray painting of indoor water-based ink, strong color expression, especially delicate skin color or exquisite products can be printed very lifelike, which has a very good image display effect in the short-distance portrait of characters. Therefore, it is not only in the advertising inkjet industry, but also in the high-precision inkjet industry, such as portrait wedding studio, personalized decoration, etc. outdoor photo machine can be said to be the irreplaceable main inkjet printing equipment.  

And outdoor photo is a big field. The use of outdoor photo will be expanded with the rapid development of Commerce, and it is also the best choice for users in large format color ink-jet printing equipment.