Comparison Of Konica Printhead And Epson Dx5 Print Head

- Aug 04, 2020-

The printhead is the core component of the ink-jet printing equipment, such as the Epson 5-generation printhead in the piezoelectric camera, Konica Konica printhead in the UV printing equipment, and so on, which are more commonly used types of printhead applications. In many inkjet printing equipment, Epson, Ricoh, Konica and Seiko are the main printheads, which have their own advantages and disadvantages.  


1 From the use of ink range, Epson is not as extensive as Konica. At present, Epson printhead is mostly water-based and solvent based ink, while Konica supports water-based, solvent, UV and other inks.  


2 From the comparison of printing speed, Epson DX5 printhead mainly shows accuracy and slow speed, while Konica's printhead has low precision but high speed


3 In terms of printing resolution and printing accuracy, the printing resolution of Epson printhead is higher than that of Konica printhead; the printing accuracy of Epson printhead is higher than that of Konica printhead.  


4 Compared with printing format, Epson printhead is generally used in advertising and other occasions with small format and high printing accuracy. However, Konica printhead is usually used for printing with large format, large amount of printing and general printing accuracy. Epson printhead supports high-precision printing applications both at home and abroad, while Konica printhead is mainly used for outdoor printing. You can choose the printhead and equipment according to your application.  


5 Compared with the long service life of the printhead, Konica printhead is better than Epson printhead. Epson printhead is not an industrial type printhead. If you want to engage in a large number of industrial production for a long time, Epson is not as good as Konica printhead. Moreover, Konica printhead is very stable and is not easy to break down. One printhead can be used for about 2-3 years, while Epson is about 1 year.  


6 In terms of printing color support, compared with the cost of the printhead, a Konica printhead only supports one color, and if you want to print color, you need at least four printheads; while the Epson 5th generation printhead has eight rows of spray holes, and one printhead can support eight colors, so only one printhead can meet color printing. In terms of cost, the input cost of Konica is much higher than that of Epson printhead.  


Epson and Konica have their own characteristics. In the actual application of inkjet printing equipment, many printing equipment manufacturers will choose different printhead applications according to the working nature and environment in the application.