Common Shortcut Keys For Wentai Engraving Software Of Engraving Machine

- Sep 18, 2020-

Common shortcut keys of Wentai engraving software of engraving machine: when using engraving machine to carve characters, we need to be familiar with some common shortcut keys of Wentai software, and master the following shortcut keys, which will make the operation of engraving machine twice as easy. Share some common shortcut keys of Wentai engraving software:

CTRL + M: Open Gallery

CTRL + N: new window

CTRL + P: print desktop content

CTRL + Q: enter text quickly

CTRL + R: redo one step undo

CTRL + V: paste (pop up dialog box, you can adjust the position to copy to)

CTRL + X cut

CTRL + y border

CTRL + Z: undo one step (up to 7 steps)

CTRL + up align top

CTRL + down align bottom

CTRL + left align left

CTRL + right align right

CTRL + O: open file

CTRL + Tab: switch between multiple documents

CTRL + F2 text top

CTRL + F3 text Center

CTRL + f13 full text

CTRL + + vertical center line alignment

CTRL + - horizontal midline alignment

CTRL + 1 forward horizontal arrangement

CTRL + 2 reverse row

CTRL + 3 forward vertical row

CTRL + 4 reverse vertical

CTRL + 5 layout along the line

CTRL + 6 isolated row shift + F11: restore normal window shift + F11 exit full screen Alt + [horizontal empty Alt +] vertical empty Alt +. Vertical center Alt +, horizontal center Alt +