CMYK Value Reference Scheme Of Red Or Bright Red Ink Jet Printing For Photo Machine

- Jan 24, 2021-

In the ink-jet printing output of the photo machine, many friends often encounter that the red color of the ink-jet printing output is not ideal, red is not red, and the color is orange or dark. How to make the photo machine print satisfactory red and bright red color? The following CMYK color values of red color in PS or CDR design can be referred to in image design.  

The printing output of advertising inkjet is generally CMYK, and the printing output of piezoelectric photo machine is CMYK four-color, which can evolve into a variety of color combinations, such as Wuteng glory series mt-rj16b2 photo machine, dual nozzle design, dual four-color (CMYK) inkjet printing output, which is fully satisfied with the ideal color effect of daily colorful image printing. Therefore, in the photo machine inkjet printing machine these large width color inkjet printing equipment print output, before the design should be well adjusted CMYK color value, about PS, CDR inside the big red CMYK value?      

Red CMYK value: M: 100, Y: 100, red, bright red. Chinese Red: C: 0 m: 100 Y: 100 K: 10, dark red: C: 20 m: 100 Y: 80 K: 5, orange red: C: 5 m: 100 Y: 100 K: 5. The corresponding CMYK color, in the ink-jet printing output and the design of the original when the appropriate color value adjustment, design color matching and photo machine ink-jet printing output perfect combination, can spray out the perfect color image.  

Inkjet color is the most sensitive thing of human vision. If the spray painting color of advertising image is handled well, it can add icing on the cake and get twice the result with half the effort. In fact, any ink-jet printing output and design color may have color difference. There are many reasons for color difference, such as the ink quantity of photo printer printing output, the change of ink curve proportion, the viscosity of ink, the surface whiteness and surface finish of the paper, etc.  

In addition, spray painting color also has nationality. Due to the influence of environment, culture, tradition and other factors, different nationalities have different preferences for spray painting color. Making full use of these characteristics of spray painting color can show profound artistic connotation, so as to enhance the cultural taste of spray painting. For example, in our common northern red color scheme, red color belongs to warm color, that is, the combination of red, orange, yellow, ochre and other inkjet colors. The use of this color can make the home page present a warm, warm and warm atmosphere. This kind of color matching can produce a strong visual effect, giving people a bright, bright, festive feeling.