Causes Of Peculiar Smell In Printing Work Of UV Roll Photo Machine

- Dec 04, 2020-

Why does UV roll photo printer have peculiar smell in printing? I believe that for the traditional inkjet printing industry, we know the most, such as common weak solvent inkjet printing, UV curing ink printing, screen printing, heat transfer printing, pad printing and so on.

Each type of printing has its own advantages and disadvantages. The biggest problem of screen printing is the need to make boards, so it is very troublesome and expensive. Heat transfer printing is easy to damage some products. Although weak solvent inkjet printing is currently the mainstream ink-jet printing method, there are still some print media compatibility problems. UV printing can be said to be universal in the current market inkjet printing Printing mode, compatible with different printing media, can be applied to different industries. However, UV printing will produce some peculiar smell in the actual printing, and the worse the ink, the stronger the smell, especially in the poor ventilation working environment. What is the reason for this?

Reason 1: for ink-jet printing, it is easy to produce peculiar smell because of the ink, such as UV / UV solid ink, solvent or weak solvent type ink. Due to the different chemical composition of ink production, the pungent smell of UV ink mainly comes from its own raw materials, such as monomer diluent, low molecular weight initiator, resin binder, etc.; under certain conditions, it will slow down Slow release of irritating odor; especially the printing of poor quality UV ink can not meet the requirements of green production and manufacturing, so in the process of UV printing, the volatile matter released before and after UV ink curing will produce some odor.

The second reason: UV printing is that the ink is cured by LED ultraviolet light during the printing process. The LED UV curing lamp will produce slight ozone in the irradiation, and the UV wavelength range of UV curing device is 200-425nm. Among them, short wave ultraviolet light below 275nm contacts with oxygen in the air, which is easy to produce ozone, which is a major source of pungent odor. These ozone often can not decompose by itself, will not only float in the air, but also remain on the surface of the printed matter (printed matter has adsorption, will retain some odor). This taste is relatively light, and the amount is small, generally can not smell out, which is one of the reasons for the odor in UV printing;

Reason 3: different materials of the substrate by the environment, will crack out of the relevant chemical substances, produce pungent odor. The above three reasons are easy to appear in the process of UV printing. Therefore, for the environment of UV jet printing, we should try our best to maintain the ventilation of the working environment. At the same time, in the purchase of UV ink, we must choose environmental friendly high-quality UV ink.