Can You Use The Photo Machine Without Film Coating?

- Jan 05, 2021-

I believe that the friends of advertising inkjet all know that under normal circumstances, the light pieces sprayed by the photo machine are recommended to be coated. Of course, it can also be used without coating, because under normal circumstances, the coating can more effectively protect the ink, and the photo picture is not easy to be damaged. If the picture is for short-term use, it can not be coated.  

There are several common functions of film coating on the image of the photo machine

1. Can protect the ink layer, when the installation of a small scratch will not spend the picture;

2. If you use it for a long time, it's hard to avoid occasional water leakage in rainy days. If you cover it with film, you can avoid polluting the picture by washing the ink layer, because the photo machine ink of the lamp is water-based!

3. After laminating, the ink layer is sealed, and the ink, especially the blue, is not easy to react with some substances in the air and ultraviolet rays and fade! Of course, a long time, the photo will fade! Therefore, we still suggest you to film the painting! Usually, advertising stores are equipped with photo machines and related film covering machines. When customers spray advertising pictures or light pieces, they can protect them with film covering after spraying, and now film covering is not expensive. Shenzhen Wuteng Technology Co., Ltd., a professional advertising equipment manufacturer, provides you with superior performance and affordable piezoelectric photo machine, laminating machine, photo ink, etc. welcome friends from the advertising industry to learn more updated product information and photo machine prices!