Basic Knowledge That Must Be Understood By Camera Operators

- Nov 21, 2020-

With the development of piezoelectric ink-jet technology in China, ink-jet printing equipment such as photo machine not only has more function configuration and more stable performance, but also gradually realizes intelligence and automation. The operation and maintenance are more and more simple and convenient. However, for new users or novice operators of the camera, the following operating knowledge and precautions must be familiar with, so as to operate and maintain the camera more effectively, so as to better carry out the inkjet printing and output work.  

1. Study the training of new photo machine

2. Be familiar with the common accessories of photo machine

We should know the common accessories of the photo machine, such as nozzle, ink cartridge, ink bag, ink cutting, ink pipe, ink absorber, etc. Convenient for later use and maintenance, because there are many common and easy accessories in the common accessories of the camera, which may need to be replaced frequently in the later use and maintenance process. To understand the control function of each switch on the camera, the operation and function of each button on the display screen, the adjustment method, and the default parameter values of the machine, etc., should be understood and set

3. Be familiar with the use and setting of RIP software

The ink-jet printing output of the camera is operated on-line by the computer and the camera; therefore, the RIP software operation is needed before the use of the camera online. If it is a photo machine with USB interface, it is necessary to install relevant USB print driver; if it is a photo machine with network interface, relevant IP address should be set. Relevant operation methods and points for attention, the operator must be set according to the operation of technical personnel.  

4. To develop the correct operating methods and maintenance habits

In addition to the correct use and operation of the camera, the operator should pay attention to the maintenance of the camera, develop good maintenance habits, operate the equipment strictly according to the procedures, usually pay attention to do a good job in the surface cleaning of the camera, nozzle cleaning and moisturizing operation; correct paper medium consumables installation, pay attention to the use