Autumn Maintenance Instructions About Printing Machine

- Dec 12, 2018-

After the beginning of autumn, the temperature difference between day and night gradually become larger, in the face of such weather changes, users of the photo machine maintenance can not be less, here small make up and share with you how to maintain the photo machine in autumn.

1. Autumn climate is dry, dry environment, easy to produce static electricity, static electricity will cause great damage to the running equipment, serious will cause nozzle burning, board card burning, static electricity is not negligible. This requires the photo machine equipment must be connected to the ground wire, so as to effectively export electrostatic, avoid electrostatic damage to the equipment. Can also give the photo machine working environment humidification, in case of indoor drying.

2. There are many windy and sandy weather in autumn, especially in the north, and windy and sandy weather is particularly serious. Dust is everywhere in windy and sandy weather. Clean equipment daily, wipe grating with alcohol, cover with dust cloth when equipment is not working.

3 ink problem, autumn day and night temperature difference is too large, the ink used must have good weather resistance, some ink will be due to the change in temperature precipitation, precipitation material will also cause the blockage of the ink supply system or even the nozzle blockage.