Application Of Piezoelectric Machine In Oil Painting Industry

- Jan 31, 2019-

Inkjet machine can realize heavy oil painting, a lot of oil painting artist, through painting after good oil painting creation, through the hd images of xi resembles after scanning and related graphic image processing, again through the pictorial machine printing, can imitate the calligraphy and painting, because of high similarity, the collection value is not low, can do copy, ornamental or decorative purposes, is of great commercial value.    

Piezoelectric pictorial machine for printing paintings, many key parts can realize its value better, for example, the piezoelectric pictorial machine printing precision, using ink, the ink color reduction effect, and the printing material of canvas quality, coupled with crude oil painting image files, these are all critical factors, can achieve your high similarity of the paintings.

Using piezoelectric pictorial machine to print oil painting or highly efficient imitation of oil painting, the operation is also simple, in the production process, first scan the original, data collection and input computer; Acquisition method can be through photography or online purchase and other ways to achieve picture data, if you have painting ability, users can also create their own picture.

Then the computer display color into the printing color series, namely yellow, magenta, blue, black four primary colors;