Advertising Spray 5113 Printhead Photo Machine Application Advantages

- Jul 25, 2019-

Large-format photo machine has been widely concerned and widely used, along with the promotion of the national green printing policy orientation and the strengthening of the social environmental protection awareness, advertising printing 5113 nozzle photo machine selection and application, with environmentally friendly popular inkjet technology increasingly win the favor of consumers and customers.    

LETOP series LT-1902b and LT-3202d photo machines adopt mainstream epson 5113 sprinkler head, single sprinkler head application, high printing accuracy, more stable performance. Epson 5113 nozzle 3200DPI precision, print image more clear and delicate, more uniform color; With a printing speed of up to 25 square meters per nozzle, it stands out from other sprinkler heads. Speed and precision go hand in hand, making 5113 sprinkler head an unassailable position in the printing industry. The epson 5113 nozzle has 8 rows of nozzles and 400 holes in a single row. The entire nozzle has 3,200 holes and can spray droplets as small as 1.5 microliters (1.5 parts per trillion liters) with high accuracy. In addition, the epson 5113 nozzle has a larger printing area and an effective printing width of 1.3 inches, which is at least 30% wider than epson's previous five and seven generation heads. Therefore, LETOP series lt-1902b and lt-3202d photo machines can achieve higher speed printing.    

LETOP series lt-1902b photo machine, double 5113 nozzle, 1.9m wide printing, not only leads the advertising industry, but also has very good performance in printing, digital transfer industry, thermal sublimation and other fields. It greatly promotes the transformation of printing industry from traditional printing process to digital printing process, simplifies the complicated printing process, greatly reduces the production cost, and meets the demand of fast delivery of orders