Advantage Analysis Of Double Printhead And Single Printhead Photo Machine

- Jul 01, 2020-

Double head and single head are two head or one head models used in piezoelectricity. With the rapid development of domestic photo machine and the higher demand of users, more and more multi-functional and multi-purpose photo machine products have emerged in the domestic print equipment market in recent years, including double head photo machine and multi head photo machine.

Single head photo machine is a traditional application design of piezoelectric photo machine. In the design and application of many domestic photo machines, the big brand Epson piezoelectric nozzle is mostly used, among which the fifth generation of Epson piezoelectric nozzle is the majority. (Note: there are also a few manufacturers using the seventh generation of nozzle and the tenth generation of nozzle). The fifth generation of Epson has better printing stability In addition, it has mature and more stable nozzle control technology in China. The self-developed board card and control system can achieve better control and printing of Epson five generations.

Double nozzle photo machine is a kind of printing equipment with expanded functions based on the control technology of single nozzle piezoelectric photo machine, which is a leap forward of domestic ink-jet printing technology. In terms of printing accuracy, the single head photo machine has the same printing accuracy, while the double nozzle photo machine can achieve faster printing speed, which is almost twice or even faster than that of the single head photo machine. Especially in the pursuit of faster printing speed, the double nozzle photo machine is undoubtedly the best choice. For example, Lecai double nozzle series photo machine, new dual nozzle trolley frame design, intelligent automatic ink stack, domestic leading dual nozzle printing technology, supporting large width print output, suitable for large-scale advertising inkjet production screen output, high-speed printing, large ink supply system,.

The dual head and single head have their own advantages and are the first choice of printing equipment in the advertising printing industry. If you are hesitant about the selection of single head and dual head, here are some reference suggestions: for general users, if you usually have few orders, the single head can completely meet the needs of use At the same time, the price of single head photo machine is cheaper than that of double head photo machine, and it can own its own high-quality printing equipment with lower investment cost, so as to reduce the production cost and make more profits. If your order volume is large, it is obviously better to choose double head photo machine, and the printing speed of double head photo machine is higher It can save time and labor cost better.