A Brief Introduction Of Cold Mounting Machine

- Aug 20, 2020-

With the continuous development of the camera in various fields, in order to cooperate with the use of the camera, some partners of the photo machine in some functions are also born. After the works of the camera come out, the cold mounting machine is a new type of film covering machine, which can spray all kinds of painting surface, advertising light box, printed matter, photos, banners, certificates, pictures, awards, which need to be commemorated Paper, etc., can be on the cold laminating machine by pressure lamination, after use, is the surface of the article to form a film, so that it is not easy to damage.  

At present, the advertising works that have been painted by the photo machine are usually carried out outdoors, and it is easy to damage the advertising picture in the outdoor. However, after using the cold mounting machine, the picture can be prevented from abrasion and waterproof, and the ink will not volatilize under the ultraviolet radiation, which makes the service life of the advertisement in the outdoor more lasting. Photo machine and cold mounting machine are used together to give full play to the painting works of the photo machine to a higher point, so that good works can be better preserved.