A Brief Distinction Between The DX5 Head And DX7 Head And 5113 Head

- Aug 15, 2019-

For the friend that the pictorial machine print advertising printing, choose a appropriate and cost-effective pictorial machine is very important, now big wide color printing printing equipment models on the market and brand is numerous, if you are need to purchase a pictorial machine at this time, should how to do the most in numerous choice appropriate pictorial machine of choose and buy?    

Currently on the market greatly wide color printing pictorial machine printing devices, regardless of whether they are imported brands piezoelectric pictorial machine or pictorial machine of domestic production, product type, brand, manufacturer, and so on, are very much, every product in the main different pictorial machine exclusive, such as big wide models, multiple nozzle high speed printing machine, etc., in the pursuit of time and artificial cost, the general point, high accuracy high speed piezoelectric pictorial machine are what the end user requirements.    

On the market, most of the commonly used printheads are epson printing printheads, such as epson DX5 five generation head, epson DX7 seven generation head, 5113 printheads and so on, as well as the latest XP600 new five generation head, etc., the different types of printheads of the printheads, how to choose? What are the differences between these shower heads?    

First of all, epson DX5 five-generation head, epson five-generation head in the domestic photo machine application practice is relatively long, mature technology, printing output accuracy is high, speed is fast, stable use. Therefore, the fifth-generation sprinkler head has always been favored by the users of inkjet printing and digital printing, and epson's fifth-generation sprinkler head does not pick ink, so the controllable cost is low.    

Epson DX7 seven generation head, located in the design concept of industrial production, a new piezoelectric crystal, the structure and design of epson seventh generation nozzle ink droplets are twice as fine as the five generation, so the seven generation nozzle requirements of the ink to be picky, stronger adaptation to the temperature; Epson DX7 seven generation head can work continuously for a long time, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing production cost.    

Epson 5113 nozzle, currently 5113 is only suitable for water-based ink or thermal transfer ink, the epson 5113 nozzle nozzle is arranged as 400x8, the nozzle minimum is 1.5p, the nozzle hole is small and dense, the printing accuracy is higher, up to 1440*2880dpi; The single-head printing speed can reach 24m^2/h, which is twice the printing speed of the fifth-generation and seventh-generation sprinkler heads. In the application of the photo machine, the inkjet printing speed is very fast.