Uv Digital Printing Machine

Uv digital printing machine is a high-quality inkjet printer. It is small in size, exquisite in appearance, very difficult to operate, and can quickly become proficient.
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Product Details

Product description

Uv digital printing machine is a type of inkjet printer with superior performance. It is small in size, exquisite in shape. Because the operation of Inkjet printer is quite easy,  users can quickly become proficient. This UV machine supports the printing of a wide variety of materials, including water-based materials, oily materials, special materials, etc. Needn’t for plate making, the printing is very convenient and fast. And with automatic continuous ink supply system, this Inkjet printer can realize longtime printing without interruption.


Technical parameter



printerhead type

Mirco piezo printhead dx5/dx7/5113/xp600/4720


Micro Piezo DX5 / DX7 2

Micro Piezo xp600 2/4 only

Micro Piezo 4720 2/3

Micro Piezo L1440 3

Micro Piezo 5113 2

print width




eco solvent/water base/UV


water base



Color white


2000ML per color

ink supply

automatic continuous supply system

printer info

operation voltage

AC220v 50/60HZ


Printing system: 150W heating system: front heating 300W / platform heating 150W / rear heating 500W / drying 2000W

working environment

Normal working temperature:22 ℃ -28 ℃ Humidity:40% -70%

heating system

Submerged microcomputer intelligent front / rear heating control system


Retractable paper load-80G

Water-based materials: PP adhesive / light film / photo paper / removable adhesive / photo cloth

Oily materials: photo paper / canvas / vehicle stickers / reflective materials / PVC cold lamination film / heat transfer paper, etc.

Printing material: thermal transfer paper / PU film and other thermal transfer paper materials

Special materials: photo paper / canvas / wallpaper / Xuan paper / network cloth / photo cloth / reflective film, etc.

print dimension

LT-1902S/1903S/1904S 3380MM(L)*780MM(W)*920MM(H)

Product features

1. With variable ink drop technology, Uv digital printing machine can produce accurate and high-quality images.

2. Large color capacity - UV machine can provide brilliant colors, not easy to fade, waterproof and environmentally friendly.

3. Large capacity waste ink bin - Inkjet printer utilizes a brand new waste ink bin design. The large volume of waste ink collection system reduces the intensity of daily maintenance.

4. The mute guide rail is fixed with 35 screws, which improves the stability of the trolley and the printing accuracy of the machine.

5. CNC gear - Combination of CNC gear and high-precision conveyor belt is adopted to this Inkjet printer to improve the accuracy of rotation and paper sliding.

6. Press paper roller - UThere are multiple paper rollers on the pressing axle of the UV machine. Uniform strength prevents the material from deflected and warped. As a result, it can protect the print head.

7. Three stages heating system - The front, middle and rear stages are heated at the same time. Combined with the infrared dryer, Inkjet printer can complete excellent printing at the fastest speed.

8. Packed in wooden cases to strengthen the safety protection of the machine.

Maintenance methods of Inkjet printer nozzle during holidays:

1. Water-based sprinkler head closed directly with seal.

2. Weak solvent nozzle - Fill the ink pad with special cleaning liquid and close the nozzle.

3. UV nozzle - Fill the ink pad with UV special cleaning liquid, close the nozzle and cover the hood.

eco vinyl printing machine

hybrid uv printer

print and cut eco solvent printer

Common failures and solutions:

1. Report 000C (abnormal movement of spray vehicle)?

A: The voltage of the driver plate is too low when it is working. Measure the voltage of R99 and R100 resistors on the driver plate (the voltage value is 20v-24v). Replace the damaged drive plate.

2. Report 003 (abnormal paper discharge system)?

A: See if the two indicator lights next to the port where the paper system line is inserted on the driver board are on or not; If the indicator lights are not on and the driver board is damaged, if they are on, check whether the circuit of the discharge system and the main board are damaged.

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