Solvent Based Large Format Printer

Solvent Based Large Format Printer is a multi-purpose machine. It can print various materials, no plate making, very convenient. Solvent Based Large Format Printer improves the picture from three aspects of color, brightness and contrast, making the color gamut control more accurate.
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Product Details

Product description

Solvent Based Large Format Printer is a multipurpose Inkjet Printer suitable for outdoor pictures printing. There are many materials that can be used for UV machine printing, such as water-based materials, oily materials, printing material and special materials like network cloth. Due its 2000ml per color cartridge and automatic continuous ink supply system, Solvent Based Large Format Printer enables a consecutive printing without watching over. With its latest configuration and outstanding performance, this Inkjet printer is loved by many enterprises and individuals.


Technical parameter



printerhead type

Mirco piezo printhead dx5/dx7/5113/xp600/4720


Micro Piezo DX5 / DX7 2

Micro Piezo xp600 2/4 only

Micro Piezo 4720 2/3

Micro Piezo L1440 3

Micro Piezo 5113 2

print width




eco solvent/water base/UV


water base



Color white


2000ML per color

ink supply

automatic continuous supply system

printer info

operation voltage

AC220v 50/60HZ


Printing system: 150W heating system: front heating 300W / platform heating 150W / rear heating 500W / drying 2000W

working environment

Normal working temperature:22 ℃ -28 ℃ Humidity:40% -70%

heating system

Submerged microcomputer intelligent front / rear heating control system


Retractable paper load-80G

Water-based materials: PP adhesive / light film / photo paper / removable adhesive / photo cloth

Oily materials: photo paper / canvas / vehicle stickers / reflective materials / PVC cold lamination film / heat transfer paper, etc.

Printing material: thermal transfer paper / PU film and other thermal transfer paper materials

Special materials: photo paper / canvas / wallpaper / Xuan paper / network cloth / photo cloth / reflective film, etc.

print dimension

LT-1902S/1903S/1904S 3380MM(L)*780MM(W)*920MM(H)

packing size


Machine configuration

servo motor、HOSON control system、high precision integral shaft

Product features

1. Mute THK guide rails -  Solvent Based Large Format Printer employs mute THK guide. In the quiet and smooth operation, the output picture quality is also well guaranteed.

2. Full aluminum platform - Platform of Inkjet printer is fully made of aluminum, which allows the material to slide more smoothly. Dense suction holes are regularly arranged on the platform. The strong air force enables the material to be tightly adsorbed on the platform, reducing the warping of the material to affect the printing effect.

3. Antiskid paper sliding design - Firm printing medium supports reduce the occurrence of accidents. UV machine has the design of anti-slip paper sliding. Appropriate friction can avoid paper deviating to influence the normal printing.

4. 35 screws fixed the mute tail rail, which improves the running stability of the trolley and also improves the printing accuracy of the Solvent Based Large Format Printer.

5. Humanized control panel -Inkjet printer control board has clear function buttons and reasonable layout. This facilitate user’s control so as to improve working efficiency.

6. Automatic media collection - The finished media can be automatically collected and rolled up by UV machine. Neat automatic media collection function reduces the workload of the staff.

Usage Precautions:

1. Turn off the waste ink valve after turning off Inkjet printer, so as to prevent the waste ink from flowing down the waste ink tube and produce negative pressure so that the ink from the ink cartridge will flow out.

2. Pay attention to the protection of Inkjet printer case. Do not open the case at will and leave it idle. Avoid the exposure of Inkjet printer circuit mainboard and ink supply circuit. One is the safety of use, and the other is to prevent the dust and insects from entering the engine and causing Inkjet printer damage.

3. Shutdown order is: first turn off the software, then shut down the machine and make sure the ink stack and nozzle are sealed.

4. White ink nozzle is more likely to appear plugging than color ink.Turn on the stirring function when printing.

eco solvent printer for htv

solvent based ink printers

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