Solvent Ink Large Format Printer

Solvent ink large format printer is a multi-purpose machine. It can directly print a variety of materials, which is convenient, fast, low cost, waterproof and environmentally friendly.
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Product Details

Product description

Solvent ink large format printer is a printer capable of printing high-precision images with innovative ink-jet technology. This Inkjet printer can clearly and delicately restore different colors. Since no printing is required, Inkjet printers save you time and money by printing a variety of materials directly. We choose the board with excellent performance, and the latest configuration makes the UV machine show superior performance. Solvent Ink Large Format Printer is widely used in advertising, home decoration, leather and other industries due to its fast speed and high precision. 


Technical parameter



nozzle model

Mirco piezo printhead 512i


4/8pcs konica 512i print head



solvent ink



ink supply

automatic continuous supply system

printer info

operating voltage

AC220v 50/60HZ


Printing system:500W Heating    system:500W front heating / 500W platform heating / 500W rear heating / 3500W    drying

working environment

Normal working temperature:    22℃-28℃
     Humidity:40% -70%

nozzle height

Adjustable from the printing    platform 2-5mm


Inner light cloth/outer light    cloth/body sticker

print speed

Production mode-2pss 210sqm / h

Standard mode-3pss 140sqm / h

High-precision mode-4pss 110sqm / h

printer weight


printer dimension

LT-KM3208    4500MM(L)*900MM(W)*1400MM(H)

packing size


Product features

1. Variable ink drop technology - Employing the variable ink drop technology, Solvent ink large format printer can improve the contrast and image level by spraying ink drops of 3 different sizes. Even in four-color mode, there are significant breakthroughs in the clarity, brightness and color saturation of the printed picture.

2. Distinguished board - We elaborately select the famous board in China, making the configuration of inkjet printer optimized. Coupled with the excellent accessories, Inkjet printer has wonderful stability and low failure rate.

3. Automatic lifting ink stack - UV machine applies motor-controlled automatic lifting ink stack to realize automatically cleaning print head and scraping ink.

4. Observation mirror design - The mirror design at the bottom of the sprayer gives you a full view of the contamination of the nozzle and the bottom surface.

5. Front and rear heating system - Inkjet printer has a three-stage intelligent heating system. Rear heating to preheat the printing medium so that it has better ink absorption; front heating is combined with fans to quickly dry the printed material.

6. Adjustable temperature - The heating temperature of the heating system of UV machine can be adjusted manually. Adjusting the temperature according to different materials to achieve better printing effect.

7. Its traction motor has fast speed, good durability and high precision, which improves the transmission accuracy and paper transfer accuracy.

Daily Maintenance:

1. After the UV machine has been working for a period of time, the residual UV ink on the scraper and the ink absorbing pad will clot due to light. And damage will be caused to the nozzle if not cleaned and maintained in time. So it is necessary to clean the scraper and ink pad with special cleaning liquid. Replace the scraper and ink pad if necessary.

2. If your Inkjet printer has been out of service for more than 3 days, please clamp the two ink tubes under the ink stack cap with clips, and drop some cleaning liquid into the ink stack cap at the same time, so as to ensure that the nozzle surface is wet and protect the nozzle more effectively.

3. Develop the habit of keeping the surface of Inkjet printer clean, timely clean the debris and ink residue on the Inkjet printer printing platform, and clean the waste ink in the waste ink bottle every once in a while.

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