Wide Format Flatbed Printer

The Wide format flatbed printer is a multi-purpose machine. It can print a variety of materials directly, no plate making, speed block, convenient and fast. It is equipped with print heads including Micro Piezo DX5 / DX7, Micro Piezo xp600, Micro Piezo 4720, Micro Piezo 1440, Micro Piezo 5113, and the printing width is 1600MM / 1900MM.
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Product Details

Product description

The Wide format flatbed printer is a multi-purpose inkjet printer. With high precision and fast speed, this inkjet printer can print a variety of materials directly. The printing width of this solvent printer reaches 1600MM / 1900MM, so it can be applied in industries such as advertising inkjet, digital printing, art wallpaper, car stickers, etc.






Nozzle model

Mirco piezo printhead dx5/dx7/5113/xp600/4720


Micro Piezo DX5 /DX7 2

Micro Piezo xp600 2

Micro Piezo 4720 2

Micro Piezo 1440 2

Micro Piezo 5113 2



eco solvent/water base/UV


water base




Cartridge capacity

2000ML per color

Ink supply method

automatic continuous supply system

printer info

Operating Voltage

AC220v 50/60HZ


Printing system: 150W Heating system: 200W front heating / 100W platform heating / 100W rear heating / 2000W drying

working environment

Normal working temperature:22℃-28℃ Humidity: 40%-70%

Heating system

Submerged microcomputer intelligent front/rear heating control system


Retractable paper load-80G

Water-based materials: PP adhesive / light film / photo paper / removable adhesive / photo cloth

Oily materials: photo paper / canvas / vehicle stickers / reflective materials / PVC cold lamination film / heat transfer paper, etc.

Printing material: thermal transfer paper / PU film and other thermal transfer paper materials

Special materials: photo paper / canvas / wallpaper / Xuan paper / network cloth / photo cloth / reflective film, etc.

print dimension

LT-1601AS 2650MM(L)*750MM(W)*1250MM(H)
LT-1901AS 3100MM(L)*750MM(W)*1300MM(H)

packing size


Product features

1.Variable ink droplet technology - Variable ink droplet technology is applied to this wide format flatbed printer, which eliminates the graininess of the picture.

2.High-precision integration axis - With high-precision integration axis, The precise and smooth sliding of inkjet printer guarantees the long-term accuracy of the paper and high-quality screen output. So your work efficiency can be improved greatly.

3. 2000ML per color cartridge capacity - This solvent printer is equipped with large capacity cartridge of 2000ML per color. Therefore, you don’t need to add ink into the cartridge frequently, making your work easier.

4.1600MM / 1900MM printing width - inkjet printer has a printing width of 1600MM / 1900MM, allowing it generally be used in advertising, exhibition design, digital printing, printing and dyeing and other industries.

Common failures and solutions:

1. What should I do if sprayer do not spray ink?

A: Check whether the ink tube is folded and damaged at the bend;Check wether air leakage occurs on the connection between ink needle and nozzle;Check the cartridge to see if it has run out of ink.

2. Power on but not working or LCO does not display? 

A: Check whether the fuse in the 220V power supply on the machine is broken.

3. In the process of printing a picture, a horizontal line at the edge of the word is drawn?

A. Wipe the raster strip with alcohol and a cotton swab.


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