Solvent Based Ink Printers

Solvent based ink printers is an inkjet printer with excellent quality and convenient use. It has a beautiful and stylish appearance, fast printing speed, one-time imaging, no plate making, and is very environmentally friendly.
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Product Details

Product description

Solvent based ink printers is an inkjet printer with excellent quality and is convenient operate. This Inkjet printer not only has a compact and stylish modeling and but also enables fast printing. The height of the Inkjet printer and the temperature of the heating system can be adjusted, so materials of different thickness can also achieve excellent printing effect.


Technical parameter



nozzle model

Mirco piezo printhead 512i


4/8pcs konica 512i print head



solvent ink



ink supply

automatic continuous supply system

printer info

operating voltage

AC220v 50/60HZ


Printing system:500W Heating system:500W front heating / 500W platform heating / 500W rear heating / 3500W drying

working environment

Normal working temperature: 22℃-28℃
Humidity:40% -70%

nozzle height

Adjustable from the printing platform 2-5mm


Inner light cloth/outer light cloth/body sticker

print speed

Production mode-2pss 210sqm / h

Standard mode-3pss 140sqm / h

High-precision mode-4pss 110sqm / h

printer weight


printer dimension

LT-KM3208 4500MM(L)*900MM(W)*1400MM(H)

packing size


Product features

1. Suction platform - Inkjet printer uses a suction platform instead of a press wheel.The suction holes are regularly ranked on the aluminum platform. Wind of different strength can make the material firmly adsorbed on the platform so as to reduce the circumstance of deflection, warping.

2. Universal wheel - Because the Solvent Based Ink Printers are very large in weight and volume, it is difficult to change its position. But the Inkjet printer has four universal wheels at the bottom, making it easy for users to move.

3. The nozzle of Solvent printer is made of all steel, which greatly prolongs the service life. Double-row staggered nozzle holes structure, higher printing accuracy.

4. Continuous ink supply system - The continuous ink supply system of Inkjet printer can settle the problem of printed works being dadmaged due to insufficient ink supply. A powerful ink-supply system allows enough ink to be pumped continuously to the sprayer for uninterrupted operation.

5. Automatic paper collecting system - No manual paper collecting is required, which can save manpower as well as improving efficiency. The automatic paper collecting system of Solvent printer realizes printing and collecting simultaneously.

Common failures and solutions:

1. Report 000C (abnormal movement of spray vehicle)?

A. Wipe the guide rail with alcohol and apply a small amount of oil.Adjust the height of the trolley until the height from the nozzle to the platform is 1.5mm.

2. Report 003 (abnormal paper discharge system)?

A. Check whether the gear on the motor is loose or slippery by hand, and if the gear is not loose, check whether the tension spring on the fixed plate of the motor falls off.

Usage Precautions:

1. Inkjet printers must not have anything on their countertops to prevent sprayer crashing.

2. Turn off the waste ink valve after turning off Inkjet printer, so as to prevent the waste ink from flowing down the waste ink tube and produce negative pressure so that the ink from the ink cartridge will flow out.

3. The state of the nozzle must be checked every time the Inkjet printer is used for printing.If there is a broken ink, you must clean the nozzle and then shut down. 

4. White ink nozzle is more likely to appear plugging than color ink.Turn on the stirring function when printing.

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