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Desktop solvent printer improves the picture from three aspects of color, brightness and contrast, makes the color gamut control more accurate, and improves the accuracy of the picture.
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Product Details

Product description

Desktop solvent printer improves the picture from three aspects of color, brightness and contrast, makes the color gamut control more accurate, and improves the accuracy of the picture. High quality printers are made up of ink points of three sizes. Even in four-color mode, Inkjet printers can present very exquisite printing quality. The color of the picture printed by Solvent printer is firm, so it will not fade even in outdoor exposure to the sun and rain.


Technical parameter



printerhead type

Mirco piezo printhead dx5/dx7/5113/xp600/4720


Micro Piezo DX5 / DX7 1

Micro Piezo xp600 1

Micro Piezo 4720 1

Micro Piezo 5113 1

print width




eco solvent/water base/UV

water base


C.M.Y.K.(XP600-4/6 color optional)


2000ML per color

ink supply

automatic continuous supply system

printer info

operation voltage

AC220v 50/60HZ


Printing system: 150W heating system: front heating 200W / platform heating 100W /
After heating 100W / drying 2000W

working environment

Normal working temperature:22℃-28℃ Humidity: 40% -70%

heating system

Submerged microcomputer intelligent front / rear heating control system


Retractable paper load -40G

Water-based materials: PP adhesive / light film / photo paper / removable adhesive / photo cloth

Oily materials: photo paper / canvas / vehicle stickers / reflective materials / PVC cold lamination film / heat transfer paper,etc.

Printing material: thermal transfer paper / PU film and other thermal transfer paper materials

Special materials: photo paper / canvas / wallpaper / Xuan paper / network cloth / photo cloth / reflective film, etc.

print dimension

LT-1301AS 2350MM(L)*750MM(W)*1250MM(H)
LT-1601AS 2650MM(L)*750MM(W)*1250MM(H)
LT-1901AS 3100MM(L)*750MM(W)*1300MM(H)

packing size


Machine configuration

Single head lifting ink stack,drying heater,Senyang control system,simple operation panel,machine platform, silver guide

Product features

1. Variable ink drop technology - applying variable ink drop technology, excellent printing effects of Desktop Solvent Printer are ensured. Droplets of three different sizes enables a vivid and bright picture with high sharpness. 

2. Independently designed control panel - Inkjet printer has a control panel designed by ourselves, which realizes the one-click switch between Chinese and English interface operation.

3. Automatic seamless splicing - Solvent printer fully realizes the continuous printing of picture. Automatic seamless stitching feature allows unlimited length stitching screen.

4. Automatic front and rear heating system - Inkjet printer is equipped with intelligent front and rear heating system. Precise temperature control makes the ink and printing medium soft enough to fully show the bright colors of the ink.

5. Warp preventing tablet - The anti-warping tablet of solvent printer can effectively prevent various materials from rubbing against the nozzle due to the warping of both sides during printing. It both prevents the ink blocking and  protects the print head.

6. Suction platform - The dense air suction holes can adsorb printing materials of different thickness on the printing plane tightly. This not only guarantees the quality of printing, but also protects the nozzle.


1. After the UV machine has been working for a period of time, the residual UV ink on the scraper and the ink absorbing pad will clot due to light. And damage will be caused to the nozzle if not cleaned and maintained in time. So it is necessary to clean the scraper and ink pad with special cleaning liquid. Replace the scraper and ink pad if necessary.

2. If your Inkjet printer has been out of service for more than 3 days, please clamp the two ink tubes under the ink stack cap with clips, and drop some cleaning liquid into the ink stack cap at the same time, so as to ensure that the nozzle surface is wet and protect the nozzle more effectively.

3. Develop the habit of keeping the surface of Inkjet printer clean, timely clean the debris and ink residue on the Inkjet printer printing platform, and clean the waste ink in the waste ink bottle every once in a while.

desktop uv flatbed printer

eco solvent inkjet printer


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