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Flatbed digital printing machine has a delicate appearance and simple operation. It uses variable droplet technology to ensure high-quality, high-precision images. It has fast printing speed and very low noise, and is very popular in advertising, furniture decoration, banner sticker making, etc.
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Product Details

Product description

Solvent Ink Printers has a delicate appearance and its operation system is simple. Using variable droplet technology, Inkjet printer realizes highly clear printed pictures. And large capacity cartridge enables a smooth and continuous printing process. Inkjet printer has fast printing speed and very low noise. Because this Eco solvent printer shows superior performance, it is very popular in personalized wallpaper industry and advertising graphics processing industry.



machine type


Nozzle model

Mirco piezo printhead dx5/dx7/5113/xp600/4720


Micro Piezo DX5 / DX7 1

Micro Piezo xp600 1

Micro Piezo 4720 1

Micro Piezo 5113 1



eco solvent/water base/UV


water base


C.M.Y.K.(XP600 -4/6 color optional)

Cartridge capacity

2000ML per color

Ink supply method

automatic continuous supply system

printer info

Operating Voltage

AC220v 50/60HZ


Printing system: 150W Heating system: 200W front heating / 100W platform heating / 100W rear heating / 2000W drying

working environment

Normal working temperature: 22 ℃ -28 ℃ Humidity: 40% -70%

Heating system

Submerged microcomputer intelligent front / rear heating control system


Water-based materials: PP adhesive / light film / photo paper / removable adhesive / photo cloth

Oily materials: photo paper / canvas / vehicle stickers / reflective materials / PVC cold lamination film / heat transfer paper, etc.

Printing material: thermal transfer paper / PU film and other thermal transfer paper materials

Special materials: photo paper / canvas / wallpaper / Xuan paper / network cloth / photo cloth / reflective film, etc.

print dimension

LT-1601AS 2650MM(L)*750MM(W)*1250MM(H)
LT-1901AS 3100MM(L)*750MM(W)*1300MM(H)

Machine configuration

Single-head lifting ink stack, drying heater,Senyang control system, simple operation panel, silver guide

Product features

1. Solvent Ink Printers employs advanced drop ink technology, making the printed droplets nearly round. The ink drops fall precisely on the medium, resulting in a more vivid and bright picture.

2. Dispense with plate making, Inkjet printer can directly print various materials. Therefore, your work is reduced and the efficiency is improved.

3. Working principle of this Eco solvent printer is relatively simple, which can save you a lot production cost. In addition, the left and right chassis of Solvent Ink Printers can be easily opened to facilitate future replacement of accessories.  

4. Motor-controlled automatic lifting ink stack can clean the nozzle and protect the nozzle.

5. Inkjet printer is equipped with a paper - deficiency detector to realize unattended. Sparing unnecessary time wasting, this gives you time to complete other work.

6. Eco solvent printer adopts a strong paper suction platform. The fully hermetical cabinet  type platform is combined with two fans to increase the wind power. And intensity of the suction can be adjusted according to your requirements.














1. When printing a solid color with Inkjet printer, it is necessary to add a color bar or turn on the flash jet slot to prevent plugging.

2. The state of the nozzle must be checked every time the Inkjet printer is used for printing.If there is a broken ink, you must clean the nozzle and then shut down.

3. After the UV machine is turned off, a black hood should be put on the trolley to prevent the nozzle from exposure to light for a long time.

4. Shutdown order is: first turn off the software, then shut down the machine and make sure the ink stack and nozzle are sealed.

5. White ink nozzle is more likely to appear plugging than color ink.Turn on the stirring function when printing.

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