Desktop Eco Solvent Printer

Desktop eco solvent printer is an exquisite and practical inkjet printer. It has exquisite workmanship and uses an all-steel body. It has a good texture, is not easy to wear, and has a long service life.

Product Details

Product description

Desktop Eco Solvent Printer is an environmentally friendly Inkjet Printer with properties of simple operation, time saving and cost saving.  The machine can be started with one key. The operating interface of this ECO solvent printer is simple. Moreover, Inkjet printers can better adapt to different printing materials with multiple working modes. Desktop Eco Solvent Printer can be used for multiple printing schemes of different customers. Our after-sales service system is thorough, and we are ready to provide you with technical support.


Technical parameter



printerhead type

Mirco piezo printhead xp600


Micro Piezo xp600 2

print width




environmentally friendly UV special ink


C.M.Y.K.LC.LM.W.V free combination

printer info

operation voltage

AC220v 50/60HZ

curing way

led uv light (air-cooled)LED UV light(air cooling type)

printer dimension


packing size


Machine configuration

xp600 printhead、silver guide、zone adsorption platform、simple operation panle、intelligent white ink mixer、all steel fuselage

Product features

1. Silver guide rail - The silver guide rail adopted by the Desktop Eco Solvent Printer greatly reduced the noise generated by the device during high-speed operation. We use the silver linear guide to control the noise within 40 db. This makes Inkjet printer run more smoothly and last longer.

2. Servo motor - Using servo motor, Inkjet printer significantly improves the motor's adjustment performance, reduces the motor heating and reduces the motor's vibration. When the motor is continuously overloaded, the driver will output the alarm signal in time.

3. Anti-collision device - ECO solvent printer is equipped with an anti-collision device designed by us. This lessen the circumstance of precision declining due to sudden impact of the sprayer.

4. Variable droplet technology - Inkjet printer can choose different combinations of droplet sizes according to various printing materials to meet the color requirements of the image. This ensures distinct gradation and natural transition.

5. intelligent white ink mixer - The white ink circulation function enables white ink circulation and agitation, thus effectively inhibiting ink precipitation. 

desktop eco solvent printer for vinyl

desktop solvent printer

desktop uv flatbed printer

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