Eco Solvent Printer 3.2 Meter

Eco Solvent Printer 3.2 Meter

This large-format printer is widely used for outdoor printing,The biggest characteristic is high yield, high efficiency.
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Product Details

1.Product details

Eco Solvent Printer 3.2 Meter can use four pcs printer heads such as xp600 dx5 4720 head.

As a result, printing becomes faster and more accurate .The 3.2m machine is widely used in lamp cloths.It's use eco solvent ink for bill board advertisement, car advertisement, outdoor advertisement, etc.


2.Technical parameter


 Eco Solvent Printer 3.2 Meter LT-3204D machine

Printer head

Dx5 dx7 4720 xp600

Head quantity

1-4 pcs

Ink type


Printer Dimension


Package dimension



1 year


800 kg

LT-D seriesinkjet-printer (2)

3. Eco Solvent Printer 3.2 Meter Product picture

LT-D seriesinkjet-printer (13)

LT-D seriesinkjet-printer (3)

4.machine details

LT-D seriesinkjet-printer (8)

the 3204 machine heating system have the buttons in order to easy operate.
use the hoson system have high precision ,easy to decrypt and safe.

LT-D seriesinkjet-printer (10)

fast speed,durability and more accurate to improve the accuracy of the transmission and paper-moving
the cabinet boby is the platform's complete sealing and the combination of two fans to enhance the wind power;the size of the suction can be adjusted,and the application is flexible.

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6、Authorization guarantee


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