Why is UV printer more and more popular

- Aug 24, 2020-

The emergence of photo machine can solve people's daily printing of large format pattern. The emergence of piezoelectric photo machine can make large format printing more convenient, intelligent and automatic. At the same time, it can realize high-precision and high-speed printing, and it is stable and easy to use.     

The performance expansion of UV printing machine has realized a wider application field of high-precision printing. The use of UV curing printing machine can be applied to printing of all kinds of roll material printing media, which makes the application field of traditional outdoor weak solvent photo machine further developed. On the one hand, UV printing camera is not affected by any material, only you can not imagine the material, there is no material that can not be printed.

Through the UV printing photo machine, you can print the products you need, which is known to all in the industry. On the other hand, the operation of the UV photo machine is extremely simple, and there is no big difference between the operation of the traditional camera. Moreover, the UV printing output image has better picture effect, more perfect color performance, and the image picture is full of three-dimensional feeling. Touching the picture pattern can feel the obvious concave convex feeling.

UV photo machine UV curing printing, through the LED UV light irradiation, can achieve printing fast drying, without a long time to wait, that is, hit and take, can quickly complete the print output task. UV, and so on. It is more durable for scratch media.  

UV photo machine is a further function expansion of traditional photo machine, which realizes better printing performance than photo printer, with high printing precision, fast speed, good durability and no restriction on the use of any coil printing medium. It can be applied in different industries to achieve more beautiful image display effect. Compared with UV flat inkjet printer, UV photo printer has more advantages in price.