What should I pay attention to when buying a photo machine

- Mar 04, 2019-

Photo machines are divided into two categories, hot foam photographer. The principle is to heat evaporation printing. It is characterized by low printing accuracy. It is 600DPI commonly, better it is 1200DPI, colour is more bright-coloured, speed is slower also, general formula 5-9 square hour. This category is collectively referred to as domestic photo machine.

There is one kind is called pressure motor, principle is the use of electricity leak ink printing, Japanese invented a kind of technology, characterized by printing precision is high, speed, usually an hour can play 9-12 square and function is not random, spray a can use 1 to 2 years, but the price does not poor, so in a pictorial machine target is what to buy when you need to use the photo machine.

To ensure that the nozzle inkjet pipeline unobstructed, the pictorial machine inkjet suction device is mainly used to remove the air in the nozzle and inkjet tube. Spray painting is one of the necessary photo machine accessories, the structure is very simple, but there are some skills and methods when using, otherwise it is very easy to cause damage to the nozzle, the following is about the detailed method of use.

Do not unplug the syringe immediately after the suction force of the syringe is not available. This will cause unbalanced pressure in the pipeline and lead to the ink break of the nozzle. When the ink is broken, there is no ink to dip the paper into the nozzle. When there is no pumping force, be sure to remember to let the syringe in more than 10 seconds to take off, so that the nozzle line pressure balance is rarely broken ink ah.

Be sure not to let go when using the ink absorber. Instead, I put the ink in the ink absorber into the nozzle. If I use a syringe, the ink inside is the same as the nozzle, which is better. Sometimes, I use one of the ink absorber on several nozzle, which will cause the ink to draw back, but mixed colors.