What's wrong with printer ink pump?

- Sep 01, 2018-

Treatment of ink breaking fault

The ink-breaking faults are mainly manifested in the following two aspects. The following are the maintenance methods for these two faults:

One. All sprinklers do not print.

Check the circuit part of the printer's motherboard, measure whether the insurance on the motherboard is working properly, check whether the flat cable on the sprinkler is loose; if a little color can be ejected, it shows that the circuit part is not a problem, if not a little color can be ejected, it is possible to be burned out (that is, the so-called motherboard is burned out);

Two, lack of one or more colors;

1. Check whether there is air in the ink pipeline; if there is air, the ink flow will be interrupted, resulting in ink breakage.

2. Check if there is any ink in the ink bag; if there is no ink or less than one-third of the ink, it shows that the ink in the cartridge does not lead to the ink bag, and needs to be machine-guided or manual (usually with syringes) ink flow into the ink bag, and then into the ink head.

3. Check whether the filter inside the ink bag adheres to impurities; if used for more than a year, and more than half of the ink bag, need to check whether the filter inside the ink bag adheres to impurities, if excessive impurities, to clean the ink bag.

4. Check whether the ink absorber can extract ink during CLEANING (nozzle cleaning); if not, it is possible that the nozzle and the ink absorber do not coincide correctly, and the position of the print head needs to be corrected; it is also possible that the two hoses of the ink absorber have been damaged and need to be replaced.

5. Insufficient indoor temperature and humidity will also cause ink not smooth; too much ink on the scraper, sponge ink pad is too dirty, too humid, and deformation, and waste ink tube damage will cause serious streaks in the printed image.