What is weak solvent ink?

- Aug 31, 2018-

Ink is solvent + colorant. To the naked eye, colorants are "colored substances" and solvents are "what materials dissolve colored substances". To put it simply, ink is a liquid that is dissolved by solvent.

Obviously water is one of the most common solvents, and there are also non-aqueous solvents, and we call it organic solvents; there are only two colorants: dyes and pigments. So we can cross to classify the types of ink: first: according to the colorant classification, that is, water-based pigments and water-based dyes! Second: according to the solvent division, can be divided into solvent dyes and solvent pigments; solvent pigments referred to as solvent ink; solvent ink is characterized by corrosive, organic volatile substances, harmful to the body, not environmentally friendly! Since it is not environmentally friendly, we are trying to make it more environmentally friendly, this more environmentally friendly ink is called weak solvent ink!

Therefore, the main component of weak solvent ink is still organic solvent, objectively speaking, weak solvent ink is a classification of solvent-based ink, is a "green" version.