What is the printing accuracy and DPI of the photo machine?

- Mar 17, 2020-

When you look at the relevant parameters of the realistic machine, you often see that there is a printing precision on it. What is the printing precision of the realistic machine?   

DPL (dot per inch): refers to the number of printable points per inch of the printer. It is an important standard to measure the printing quality and the most basic indicator to judge the resolution of the printer. At least 300 DPL resolution is needed to ensure the printing effect. In general, the larger the DPL value is, the better. 720 DPI is suitable.  

(1) The unit of the printing accuracy of the photo machine is DPI, so what does DPI mean? DPI means the number of ink drops per inch. For example, 600dpi means the number of ink drops per inch is 600.  

(2) What is the meaning of 1200 × 600 DPI? 1200 × 600dpi means that in every square inch, the number of horizontal ink drops is 1200, and the number of vertical ink drops is 600.  

(3) What does D mean in d720dpi? What is the difference between d720dpi and 720dpi? D refers to one-way printing, which means single printing. The difference between d720dpi and 720dpi: d720dpi is one-way printing, that is, when the nozzle of the photo machine goes to the left, it will ink out, and when it goes to the right, it will not ink out; while 720dpi is two-way printing, and the nozzle will ink out on both sides. D720dpi is more accurate than 720dpi, but it is slower.  

(4) What does V mean in v1440dpi? What's the difference between v1440dpi and 1440dpi? V means controllable ink drop technology. The size of ink drop is variable, which is unique to micro piezoelectric photo machine. The difference between v1440dpi and 1440dpi: 1440dpi uses ordinary ink drops of the same size; while v1440dpi uses controllable ink drops, which are generally used for large areas of solid color, and small ones for transition color. So the v1440dpi has higher printing accuracy than the 1440dpi, and the printed picture is more delicate and clear, but the printing speed of the two is the same.