What is the impact of high temperature hot environment on inkjet photo ink

- Jul 29, 2019-

The normal operation of the photo machine has certain requirements for the temperature in the working environment, such as the working room temperature is recommended to be within the range of 20-35℃, if the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the printing output and ink smoothness of the photo machine.      

Under the high temperature of indoor environment, pictorial machine print to print will be out of ink, such as easy to appear when pictorial machine printing ink printing ink, affects the relative smoothness, ink viscosity of ink, such as pictorial machine in the process of running machines pause and easy to "crash" condition, this is because that is affected by the temperature too high.    

Especially in recent period of time, all over the country are at a high temperature hot climate, especially in guangdong area, the second half of may, almost all under high temperature hot weather, if the pictorial machine working environment is not good correlation of cooling and ventilation, indoor temperature often is in a state of high temperature, affects the normal print to print of pictorial machine work.        

Therefore, in the high temperature hot environment, as the user of the photo machine, should pay attention to do the related photo machine work room temperature control, can add ventilation and cooling equipment for the photo machine working environment, can use the exhaust fan, air conditioning for the photo machine working environment to cool down, give the photo machine a high-quality use environment!