What is photo electromechanical machine drive

- Dec 10, 2018-

Photo machine users know that photo machine is the engine, for the nozzle movement and paper to provide the necessary power. So, do you know how to drive an electric motor?

What does the motor drive do? Motor drive can be simply understood as the control of motor speed and operation.

In the process of pictorial machine operation, nozzle movement speed is not a dust is changeless, but as the change of printing image and times change, and these changes is a motor driver to control the motor, such as nozzle fast moving left when the motor is positive uniform rotation, once the image data need to shower, walk back the motor driver control motor reverse rotation. The accurate control of the motor is very important for the photo machine, if the control is not accurate, the nozzle will not reach the exact coordinates of inkjet, for example, this point needs to be sprayed on the left, and because of the control of the nozzle went to the right inkjet, it will lead to printing errors or even printing failure.