What is pass? What is feather printing?

- Jun 17, 2020-

In the technical parameters of the photo machine, we often see information such as 2pass, 4pass, 6pass, etc. in the spray printing industry, "pass" refers to the number of times (coverage times per unit area) that the screen needs to be printed. The higher the number of passes, the slower the printing speed, and the better the relative quality. Otherwise, it is the opposite.  

As a digital printing equipment, the photo machine transmits data to the equipment through the computer end to complete the whole process of printing. The photo machine gradually completes the output of the picture through the left and right back and forth movement of the trolley frame with the sprayer. The output of the whole picture is completed by printing together. It is precisely because the trolley is printing back and forth, so the requirements for the sprayer of the photo machine are relatively high. If the photo is true If the printing accuracy of the machine is not up to the requirements and the equipment is not adjusted in place, pass channel is easy to be generated, that is, a parallel texture can be seen by the naked eye on the screen.  

Feathered printing is closely related to pass Dao. Feathered printing can ensure the exquisite printing quality of the photo machine.