What are the effects in dusty for the photo machine

- Apr 27, 2020-

In order to make the use of the photo machine more handy, the daily maintenance of the photo machine should not be careless. In the use environment of the photo machine, the impact of dust on the photo machine can not be ignored. How should we pay attention to it?  

Many advertising shops and small and medium-sized advertising companies usually don't pay much attention to the working environment of the photo machine, and the dust prevention is not in place. Especially for the advertising shops, usually because of the space problem, the space is not enough, and most of the shops are facing the streets or roadsides. If the photo machine workshop is not tightly sealed, there may be many Dust.

If you don't pay attention to the maintenance of the photo machine in this environment, the impact of dust on the photo machine is very large. For example, dust will enter the interior of the main machine through the gap of the photo machine, such as covering the main board or the motor, resulting in poor heat dissipation of electronic components such as the main board, which is easy to affect the normal operation of the photo machine at high temperature.

There are also problems affecting the grating, such as the edge line of the photo making machine inclines to one side, which are caused by the dust or dirty sundries affecting the grating. Therefore, we should pay attention to the dust-proof work of the photo machine at ordinary times. When the photo machine is not in use, it is better to find a cloth to cover it to prevent the dust from entering and affecting the normal use of the machine.   

In addition, some parts of the machine use lubricating oil, for example: if there is too much dust, oil on the guide rail will absorb dust, but it will have a negative effect. If there is black dirt on the guide rail, first wipe it with paper dipped in alcohol and then wipe the oil.

Usually pay attention to dust-proof, especially for outdoor photo machine with weak solvent. Because weak solvent ink is used, ink is easy to mix with dust, resulting in sundries blocking the nozzle. Therefore, we must pay attention to dust prevention and maintenance in the normal working environment of the photo machine