What are the advantages of inkjet printers?

- Aug 31, 2018-

Inkjet printers accurately dispense large amounts of tiny drops of ink onto the media to be printed. For color printers, including photo printers, inkjet printers are absolutely mainstream. Since inkjet printers are not limited to three colors of ink, inkjet printers with six or even seven color cartridges now have a color range that exceeds the traditional CMYK limits and exceeds the effect of four color printing. According to different inkjet methods, it can be divided into two types: thermal bubble inkjet printers and piezoelectric (piezoelectric) inkjet printers.

First, the price: in terms of price, inkjet printers are cheaper than laser printers; and inkjet printers are almost all colored.

Second, print clarity: the clarity of inkjet printers is its absolute advantage, even for economical inkjet printers, the resolution can generally reach more than 4000dpi, high-end inkjet printer can reach 9600dpi print resolution, with special photo printing paper Can completely replace the traditional photo printing method. For example, our Letop brand LT-1902S, LT-1902B and other models of the machine print speed and accuracy is very good.If you are interested in the printer,you can click this line. (https://www.sailaidigit.com/  )

LETOP brand-printer model 1902S-use 5113 printhead

Third, compared with laser printers, inkjet printers consume less power, waste less heat, and are free of dust contamination due to toner contamination. Some commercial inkjet printers are comparable in speed to laser printers.

Fourth, the printing speed of inkjet printers is much higher than that of old dot matrix printers, and the noise when printing is much smaller than that of dot matrix printers. Just like our Letop brand's uv printer, variable drop ink technology, and the ability to directly print a variety of materials without the need for a board, is a true high-quality printing.

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