What are the advantages of inkjet printers?

- Aug 31, 2018-

First, the price: the price of inkjet printers is relatively low compared with laser printers, and the economical spray is even more than 300 yuan, which can satisfy the purchasers who have the printing function and the budget is very limited. The price of laser printers is generally more expensive, even if it is Entry-level products are also about 900 yuan.

Second, print clarity: the clarity of the inkjet printer is its absolute advantage, the laser printer's print resolution is generally up to 1200dpi, and its print pattern has a very serious dot matrix features, even color laser printers, The quality of image print also determines that it cannot produce high-quality photos and can only be used to print ordinary graphic documents. At this point, inkjet printers are very advantageous, even for economical inkjet printers, the resolution is also Generally can reach more than 4000dpi, high-end inkjet printer can reach 9600dpi printing resolution, with special photo printing paper, can completely replace the traditional photo printing method, if you have been to the digital printing shop, pay attention to observe, they used to print Photographs are all inkjet printers without exception.

Third, applicable paper: inkjet printers can use a wide variety of paper, ordinary printing paper, envelopes, photo paper, CD cover paper, etc., can be used in inkjet printers, and some high-end inkjet printers Printable discs and disc holders can print directly to discs; in contrast, laser printers can only be used on plain paper because their printing supplies are laser toner, if you are using glossy photo paper and Due to the low adhesion of the paper itself, the toner peeling off after printing will affect the print preservation. Therefore, there is no CD holder in the laser printer, and there is no direct printing function of the optical disc.

Fourth, consumables: People who have used inkjet printers know that its print cartridges are not cheap at all. For economical printers, the price of ink cartridges may even be higher than the printer itself, and the ink cartridges are very ineffective. The theoretical number of printed pages (5% coverage of A4 paper) is only 200-300 pages, and a slightly larger color range will have a significant impact on the life of the ink cartridge; while the laser printer has a slightly higher price of the toner cartridge, but the printed page The number is several times higher than that of an inkjet printer, and the theoretical number of printed pages is generally around 2,000 pages, so laser printers have an absolute advantage in printing costs.