Understanding the ink pump and the solution of no ink extraction

- Mar 30, 2020-

The installation position of the ink pump is generally located near the ink stack. Its appearance is similar to that of the ordinary motor. Its function is mainly used for ink extraction.    

The ink pump is also an important part of the photo machine. If the ink pump fails to pump, the work of the photo machine will be affected. Let's share how to solve the problem if the ink pump fails to pump.    

First of all, check whether the motor of the ink pump is started and whether it rotates after power on? If the motor does not start, please check the power supply circuit of the ink pump, especially check whether the power terminal of the ink pump is in good contact to ensure that the power supply circuit is normal;

If the motor is rotating, you can unscrew the quick mounting joint of the ink pump's ink inlet pipe, and use a clean ink suction device to continuously pump air into the pump. When you feel that the piston of the syringe can be inhaled by the pump, you can reconnect the ink inlet pipe, and then you should be able to pump ink smoothly. To this point, if the ink supply is not normal, you can consider changing the ink pump. (Note: sometimes there is slight air leakage in the ink supply pump. When supplying ink to the machine for the first time, it is necessary to raise the large ink bottle to help the ink supply pump absorb ink.)