Three important indicators that determine the quality of the printer

- Apr 15, 2019-

In pictorial machine inkjet printing equipment such as color accuracy, the quality of ink-jet printing output three core factors: excellent pictorial machine hardware, choice of high-quality original ink, RIP print program (including the driver, the ink the ICC curve, etc.), the unity of the three can produce excellent fruit, poor any of the three factors, the result will be poor!

Broad-format inkjet printing technology provides high-efficiency selection for advertising inkjet production industry. In the selection of photo printing equipment, users pursue higher printing accuracy, faster printing speed, more stable performance, at the same time, for inkjet printing color accuracy and color rich performance is also a very high demand.  

The accuracy of color can better reflect the overall color gamut effect of advertising inkjet screen, wide format inkjet printing technology can achieve ideal application effect in the printing industry, must meet the industry's high requirements for color accuracy. In addition to the high precision printing technology support, the printer needs to use high quality ink. Ink selection, color gamut correction with printing equipment, ink curve and color scheme adjustment with equipment, direction completion pictorial printing equipment printing output and pictures to achieve better color restore, to achieve rich color expression, reduce color aberration, achieve higher clarity and better image performance.  

Usually we refer to the ink CMYK color, is the standard four color printing, so a good ink, each color should be close to the theoretical requirements of the printing color. But the actual market ink color will have some differences, this difference is caused by different ink raw materials, production technology and whether to strictly follow the printing color standards. Today's printout software (RIP) function is more powerful, basically have a strong color adjustment function, with excellent performance of the photo machine inkjet printing equipment and output software (RIP), through the software to fine-tune the color section can get excellent image output quality, to achieve better printing color accuracy. In the use of photo machine application operation, if you use the quality of ink + excellent performance of the printing equipment + excellent software combination, will be able to paint your spray painting to achieve more satisfactory color effect. Because a ready-made ink curve is an inkjet scheme set up for a particular scenario (for example, a particular ink jet printer, a particular printing medium). Therefore, in the selection of the use of pictorial equipment supplies, users are advised to be sure to choose and use the original ink provided by the manufacturer or the recommended quality ink, because the original printing equipment manufacturers ink through the printing equipment and ink color gamut test, calibration, for the pictorial printing equipment to provide the best ICC curve. Choose original ink to achieve better color reduction. And other poor quality ink, not very good to follow the printing color standards, not to achieve better color curve correction, so the printing color difference is very large imaging quality is not good.