Three factors of fast air drying of photo printer output

- Nov 24, 2020-

With the rapid development of domestic photo machine, more and more businesses can join the advertising inkjet printing industry with lower threshold. However, the advertising inkjet printing industry in such an environment, the competition between peers is more and more obvious, as a member of the advertising inkjet printing industry, in order to obtain better profit return, the embodiment of cost is very important. The investment of equipment, the consumption of printing consumables, the working hours of production and printing speed, and the input cost of personnel and material resources are all the embodiment of the cost of inkjet printing. Among them, in the production and inkjet printing speed of the man hour problem, is also what we and you are discussing. There are three factors to realize the fast printing output of the photo printer and the fast drying of the output image.  

1、 The picture machine will not dry immediately when it prints out the picture. It will take a period of time to dry, which is known to users in the advertising industry.

The reason why the photo machine does not dry for a long time is closely related to the quality of the ink. The quality of the ink is the most direct reason for the drying speed of the printed picture. Good quality ink can accelerate the drying time of the picture. Therefore, it is very important to choose high-quality and high fluency photo ink if you want to quickly dry the ink-jet image. Here, Shenzhen Wuteng photo machine manufacturer suggests that inkjet users must choose the high-quality ink provided by the original factory of the photo printer manufacturer, so as to ensure the color and effect of the photo printer's inkjet printing, and achieve faster ink-jet image painting Dry the noodles.  

2、 The selection factors of the heating system of the machine itself.

The heating system of the camera itself helps to speed up the drying time of pictures, so when purchasing the photo machine, try to equip your photo machine with relevant drying equipment, such as heating and drying platform, drying fan, heating dryer, etc.  

3、 The humidity, temperature and other climatic and environmental factors in the working space of the camera.

The rapid drying of the output picture of the photo printer is closely related to the output of relevant consumables, as well as the temperature, humidity and other climate problems. For example, in the rainy and humid summer, low temperature and cold weather in autumn and winter, the drying speed of ink has different impact. As for the three main factors of the fast drying of the photo printer output screen, if the user in the daily inkjet printing operation process, as far as possible for the photo machine inkjet printing operation to provide good conditions, so as to easily and quickly realize the work efficiency of fast printing and caching.