The use and maintenance of the photo machine should start from the details

- Nov 18, 2020-

Although the use of large format color inkjet printer is not complex, but to keep it in the best working condition, it must be operated according to the rules and diligent in maintenance, starting from the details.

1、 Provide a good environment for the use of the camera

In the use of the camera environment, we must provide a high-quality working environment for it. For example, the stability of piezoelectric power supply in working environment, room temperature and temperature of working space, dust prevention, etc.

2、 The use of the camera must follow the relevant operating instructions

The daily use and operation of the camera must follow the relevant instructions. Although the use of large format color ink-jet camera is not complicated, users still need to develop the habit of strictly following the instructions to complete the whole operation. In particular, do not press the button on the operation panel of the camera without permission, and change the relevant settings of the camera factory without authorization. It is suggested that the user should carry out the relevant operation and setting under the guidance of the camera technician.

In addition, the installation and installation of the camera nozzle must be carried out in strict accordance with the correct operation procedures provided by the camera manufacturer. The data line of the relevant nozzle should be correctly disassembled and connected correctly. Do not connect and insert the reverse cable, which is easy to cause damage to the nozzle.

Warm tips: these photo machine components disassembly operation, must be in the power-off condition operation, do not live operation, pay attention to safety.  

3、 Pay attention to the cleaning and anti blocking of the nozzle of the photo machine

One of the core of the photo machine is the nozzle. The reasons for the nozzle plug: for example, the water evaporated in the nozzle without ink for a long time, and the precipitation formed by drying and solidification blocked the nozzle, which is a common nozzle plug failure. Therefore, to avoid the occurrence of this situation, after the completion of the work of the camera, the relevant nozzle cleaning and maintenance operations should be done; for example, the nozzle can be reset to the ink stack for cleaning and moisturizing, and a simple cleaning operation should be carried out before the camera printing to ensure the smooth ink output of the camera nozzle. In addition, if the camera is suspended for a long time, the nozzle can be disassembled for cleaning and storage.  

4、 Develop the habit of maintaining the camera

Mastering and using the correct method to operate and maintain the camera can greatly extend the service life of the camera and reduce the cost of using the camera. For the use and maintenance of the camera, we should form a good habit, which is a very important work in the correct use of the camera.