The usage and storage scheme of ink in UV roll photo machine

- Nov 30, 2020-

Users who have used UV roll photo machine, UV flat panel printing and related UV ink-jet printing equipment all know that UV ink is not only inconvenient for storage, but also very particular about filling and replenishing ink because UV ink is different from other inks.

Due to the special composition of UV ink, it will solidify when exposed to light, especially when the light is very strong. Because there is ultraviolet in the light, UV ink will react with UV after UV irradiation, so the storage requirements are very strict. First of all, it is basic to store away from light. Therefore, we are storing or filling UV ink When you must take a measure to avoid light. 1. Requirements for storage location

The ink must be placed in a cool, backlit place, preferably in the innermost part of the warehouse. Glass or metal platforms are the best. The height should not exceed 1 meter.  

2. Storage and packaging requirements of ink

The outer packing is in black opaque plastic bottle, and the outside is surrounded by cartons. At the same time, the ink can not be placed on the top of other items, in order to avoid extrusion, damage.  

3. Requirements for ink storage personnel

Except for the staff, other people are not allowed to contact, because the ink has a certain degree of corrosivity, and can not be dropped into the eyes and skin. If this happens, rinse it with water immediately.  

4. Application requirements of UV ink

The ink should be used immediately after opening, and the unused ink must be sealed immediately. On the one hand, to avoid the ink and light contact, the other is to prevent dust and other debris in the air into the ink. Customers who use UV ink must read the instructions carefully, especially those who buy UV film photo machine or related UV flat-panel printer. If they don't understand, they must contact the manufacturer in time. In addition, when filling UV ink, we must take a measure to avoid light.  

UV ink is so easy to solidify, so in the use of UV roll photo machine or related UV printing equipment, the correct storage of UV ink is required, which can not only maintain the quality of the ink and prolong the service life, but also enable the relevant UV ink-jet printing equipment to print more high-quality effect patterns for you.