The solution to solve bidirectional calibration of pictorial machine

- Feb 04, 2019-

Photo machine calibration is a very important part of the whole machine debugging process, when the photo machine bidirectional calibration problems, will seriously affect the printing effect of the photo machine left and right dislocation problems. So the pictorial machine bidirectional calibration problems, how should we deal with it?      

Photo machine calibration is divided into vertical calibration and horizontal calibration. The debugging steps are as follows: open the printing setting in the software, and then click the parameter calibration to see the two-way calibration. Click the double-item calibration and wait for the machine to finish printing. Input the corresponding value in the two-way calibration.      

In general, the factory photo machine has been through the bidirectional calibration and debugging in advance. What should be done in the event of subsequent bidirectional calibration problems due to installation or site issues? First, we need to eliminate the problem. The common ways are as follows:

1: check whether the vertical alignment is good;     

2: gear cap of Y motor becomes loose and is fixed again;     

3: check whether the grating is worn or too dirty and uneven;    

4: reinstall the control software.