The reason and solution of piezoelectricity printing machine always burning the main board

- May 13, 2020-

As you know, if the maintenance of piezoelectric photo is not proper, there will be a series of situations. Today, I'd like to introduce the reasons and solutions for the main board always burning of piezoelectric photo.  


In fact, there are several reasons why the main board of the printing machine burns. The main reasons are as follows:


1. The circuit line connecting the nozzle is not connected properly, which causes the main board to burn out


2. The voltage is too high, and the stable voltage is not maintained at 220, resulting in burnout


3. The power supply of the printing machine cannot adjust the voltage, resulting in the short circuit of the machine and burning the main board


4. The electrolyte in the machine can't break down some poor ink, which will burn out the nozzle and the main board


How to avoid burning the motherboard, what is a good solution?      


1. Keep a stable voltage when using the printing machine


2. Selected good ink