The influence of ink viscosity for printhead

- Jun 29, 2020-

In the process of printing, sometimes the nozzle is blocked when using the photo machine equipment. It is understood that part of the blockage is caused by the ink viscosity changes dramatically. Next, we will learn about the ink viscosity on the impact of the camera nozzle.

The change of ink is the most important factor affecting the operation of the camera. If the viscosity of the ink becomes too high or too low, the ink will have some different changes

1、 The viscosity of the ink is too high, which makes the fluidity of the ink poor. Then, in this period of time, the ink output of the nozzle is not enough.

2、 The viscosity of the ink is too low, so that the piezoelectric crystal in the jet hole is easy to inhale air when pumping back, and then the ink in this period of time, it is difficult to absorb the ink, so all the air is sprayed out.

The above two situations are the reasons why the nozzle can't produce ink, so the supplier often pays great attention to the customer's ink storage environment. Before using the ink, it's better to place the ink in the ink environment for more than 24 hours, so that the ink viscosity will not change due to the temperature.