The influence of different voltage on the printhead and printing of photo machine

- Nov 14, 2020-

The voltage of the nozzle has different effects on the printing of the photo machine. Because the voltage of the nozzle can determine the curvature of the piezoelectric ceramic inside the nozzle, the high voltage can also increase the amount of ink jet. The lower the voltage does not affect the image quality, the better. It has been proved that if the voltage exceeds 32V, the phenomenon of frequent ink break and reduced service life may occur.  

In addition, too high voltage will increase the curvature of the piezoceramic nozzle, in the high frequency oscillation state, so the piezoelectric crystal inside the nozzle is very easy to fatigue and damage fracture; and the low working voltage of the nozzle will affect the saturation of the picture. Therefore, the working voltage between 28V and 32V is more suitable.  

In different brands of photo machine products, different camera power supply voltage on the ink viscosity requirements are also different, high nozzle voltage requirements of ink viscosity is also high, low nozzle voltage requirements of ink viscosity is low, the two are proportional. If the ink viscosity is too low and the ink is too diluted, the ink jet speed will be fast. If the ink is sprayed on the lamp cloth, it will reflect back to the nozzle, causing the ink to accumulate on the nozzle, causing the nozzle to be blocked. This phenomenon is more prominent when the photo machine sprays the same color for a long time. If the nozzle voltage is high and the ink viscosity is low, the ink jet will be too much and the speed will be too fast. The ink spots will reflect to the bottom of the nozzle to form ink drops to block the nozzle, and there will be burr and floating ink phenomenon. There is also if the nozzle voltage is low and the ink viscosity is high, there will be no ink spray, uneven color block, not full phenomenon.  

Therefore, in the inkjet printing work of the photo printer, the influence of voltage on the nozzle is also very big. Therefore, in the use and maintenance of the nozzle, it is very important to adjust the voltage for the nozzle and replace the original high-quality ink from the manufacturer, so that the printer can print and print more perfect images for you.