The function and maintenance method of ink damper

- Nov 07, 2018-

As an important part of piezoelectric photo machine, ink damper is also a common photo machine vulnerable small parts, although it is small parts, easy to ignore, but small parts have a big effect, its good and bad direct impact on the quality of painting machine printing output picture.

What effect does the ink bag of photo machine have? The purpose of the ink pouch is to filter the ink of the photo printer to avoid the impurities generated by the ink from blocking the sprinkler head, while conveying more smooth ink for the photo printer sprinkler head, making the sprinkler head better to operate, making the photo printer print more beautiful patterns and better colors.

But for ink sac we should change regularly, otherwise easy to cause the nozzle plug, because too much filter impurities, or ink sac ink leads to plug the nozzle, such as in daily pictorial machine in use and maintenance, ink sac is also common to replace the small accessories, also belong to the ink and vulnerable parts, its price is low.

So frequent replacement will not cause high costs, regular replacement of ink, to better protect your piezoelectric photo machine.