The error reason of the printhead

- Dec 11, 2020-

When you use a photo machine to print a picture, sometimes you will encounter a printhead error. What is the cause of this error? Generally, there are several reasons for printhead error

1. The printhead resistance damage may be caused by the production process or using too fast printing speed (such as speed = 10), or long-term continuous use of ink head

2. The metal plate of the ink jet hole is damaged, which may be caused by the use of poor quality ink or other physical damage; 

3. The causes of printhead blockage, such as: the printhead left the maintenance station for a long time, exposed to the air, or the failure caused by not cleaning the ink head maintenance station. Shenzhen Wuteng mt-208 nozzle adopts new original chip, sealed vacuum anti-static packaging, no need to calibrate, high positioning accuracy and strong compatibility; it is suitable for all 750 Series Photo machines in the world.